The Tumbleweed Jumpers


Is it folk music with a little extra groove, or is it bluegrass music with righteous rock beats? Regardless of description, The Tumbleweed Jumpers are a bristling, roaring, dancing, skipping, jamming folk-rock-Americana monster full of infectious melodies.


The Tumbleweed Jumpers’ repertoire features original songs about love and loss, violent weather patterns, and beasts both domestic and mythological. Their music is influenced by a plethora of genres, including rock, blues, folk, funk, ska, country, jazz, and bluegrass.   The Jumpers squeeze a plethora of instruments (and instrumentalists) onstage, including guitars, bass, drums, mandolin, trombones, trumpet, melodica, keyboard, slide whistle, thunder stick, Cake Rattle,  a length of heavy chain, and your grandmother's false teeth.

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Playing songs rooted in various genres; traditional music, modern music, folk, rock, jazz, funk, bluegrass, etc. means every song carries a slightly different feel, making The Tumbleweed Jumpers perhaps the true embodiment of the Americana spirit.


The Tumbleweed Jumpers …  are not only an extremely professional band, they also are moving entertainers as well as awesome people.  I've never been to a Tumbleweed Jumpers show where I didn't see people moving, dancing, clapping, and celebrating live original music.  The Tumbleweed Jumpers are a rare gem of a band and I'll hire them every time it is a good fit!


Dena Woods, Organizer of Sounds By South Bend music festival

Lead performer for Dena Dena Dena

"We love having The Tumbleweed Jumpers at LKT, they bring a great energy to the bar and also put on a great show."


Dave O'Block, Tavern Manager at LaSalles Kitchen & Tavern

Headed by mega-instrumentalist and vocalist Scott Lehman, The Tumbleweed Jumpers are comprised of J.R. Jenkins (bass/acoustic guitar), Max Johnson (trombone/sousaphone),  Chuck Long (drums), Ryan Miller (mandolin/fiddle), Scott Senff (trumpet/flugelhorn), and  Max Troyer (lead guitar).


The Tumbleweed Jumpers' full-length, "Get Up, Get Down" will be released in April 2019, and features songs written by Jenkins, Lehman, Long, Miller, and former Jumper Logan Miller.