"Jumping over every day monotony"

Michiana Entertainer interviews Scott Lehman and Ryan Miller of the Jumpers (beard aficionados extroadinaires), who talk about the Jumpers' origins, songwriting and overall awesomeness! Take a read!

Hasta Lavista McLane

The Jumpers are sad to say farewell to Mitch McLane–one of the pillars of the TWJ's songwriting. Though we are sad to see him go, he will always be a dear friend of the Jumpers, and hopes to help the Jumpers on their next recording.

Mitch is a wonderful person and a compelling songwriter. We wish him well!

Welcome J.R. Jenkins



With the recent departure of former bassist Joseph Wilson, long-time Jumpers fanatic and friend J.R. Jenkins joins the TWJs on stage! He might just be a little squirt here, but he's rippin' some sick shreds on his custom bass! Welcome, JR!



"Welcome to Max #2!"


February 2019
The Tumbleweed Jumpers are happy to welcome our new lead guitarist, Max Troyer, to the band!  Hailing from Goshen, Indiana, Max Troyer loves hacking meat into pieces, long walks around Fiddler pond, and Aardvarks.  Catch his second show with the Jumpers at Ignition Music Garage on April 13, 20218