The Tumbleweed Jumpers talk about their music in an exclusive interview with Truth Radio 1340.

The group explains their songwriting structure, origins and even the processions onto stage–including the ceremonial jumping of the tumbleweed. Click the link to read the article and hear the interview at the Elkhart Truth's website!

Debut EP release!

The Tumbleweed Jumpers talk with Truth reporter Angelle Barbazon about the release of Tether EP.

Members of the group discuss the Jumpers' sound and songwriting methods–basicall what the TWJs are. Click the link to see the full story!

Opening for friends KBC

Jumpers share the concert bill with other Goshen based mega-band: Kansas Bible Co.

Kansas Bible Co, long-time friends of the Jumpers, speak with In The Bend about the challenges of being in a 12-piece band and how they got their name.

"Jumping over every day monotany
TWJ on Truth Radio!


Michiana Entertainer interviews Scott Lehman and Ryan Miller of the Jumpers (beard aficionados extroadinaires), who talk about the Jumpers' origins, songwriting and overall awesomeness! Take a read!

Hot off the press



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