Tumblewheat Jumper Ale

The Tumblewheat Jumper Ale is a collaboration with Goshen Brewing Company and was first brewed in Summer 2018.  The Jumpers have an affinity and a connection to GBCo, and had always dreamed of collaborating and working with the brewery to let the world know about the gem of a community center GBCo is in Goshen.  Jesse Sensenig, owner of Goshen Brewing Company, sat down with a few of the Jumpers and together, with Jesse's knowledge, they created the blueprints for the TWJ ale.  Jesse finished out the recipe, and his hoppy, wheat-based ale was born.  The Tumblewheat Jumper comes in at a 7.0 abv and 74 ibus.   It's brewed every July for the Annual Tumblewheat Fest.  The 2nd annual Fest will be July 25th of this year.   The wheat in the ale is representative of Tumbleweeds and the beer is always brewed with Tumbleweed tunes playing during the ferment - creating some rockin' flavors not found in other ales.   This year, you've got one extra opportunity to taste this delicious ale as Goshen Brewing has brewed a special batch for our CD release party on April 13th at Ignition Music in Goshen, IN.  April 13th is Record Store Day - so give them a visit and have a pint while you're buying some sweet vinyl and then come back at night, and rock with us, Wilson's Reservoir, and Elephant Rescue!!! 

Next time you're in Goshen, make sure to visit Goshen Brewing Company at 315 West Washington Street, Goshen, Indiana.  Goshen Brewing Company is a family-friendly brewpub serving a wide selection of beers and seasonal, local, farm-to-table food.  GBCo is a 100% wind-powered facility!  

Visit Goshen Brewing Company online at www.goshenbrewing.com