Valentino strikes deal with unions for results bonus

In addition to last year’s deal, three further, improved measures have in fact been signed off on. For 2023, Valentino will pay the first month of voluntary parental leave (for paternity or maternity) at 100% of actual salary, as opposed to the legally mandated 80%, and the second month will be paid at 80% instead of 30%. Secondly, the 16-hour leave allowance for medical examinations has been extended, beyond what is stipulated in the national collective agreement, to take into account not just the examination time but also the journey to and from work. Finally, an additional €60 gross allowance will be granted for each working day outside the office necessitating an overnight stay, for fashion or look-book events.

“As with last year, the agreements signed with Valentino are proving to be innovative and ameliorative, within a collaborative industrial relations framework that concretely aims to safeguard staff well-being and the purchasing power of their wages,” the unions concluded.

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